Please let us introduce ourselves with a nice and purposeful motto!

“Where there`s a will, there`s a way.”

In most people’s life there is a moment when they feel like they must do something to get in a good shape, or to become better, so they are looking for a way, and it is only a matter of will how they find it. With creating the Stadium UniFit Fitness & Gym Center we took this mission to help everyone to find that way and to reach their goals through sport and exercise. Our fitness and lifestyle Center have been built consciously, focusing on every small detail. The institution which is unique in Hungary in both complexity and quality was accomplished under the development of the University of Debrecen.

What is the secret of our success?

The basic conditions are given, as we showcase one of the biggest toolkits on our fitness section’s palette, in which there are close to 200 training stations on 2600 square mater to provide you in reaching your goals. In our equipment park, we have a wealth of tools produced with professional expertise in the international fitness industry. There was no compromise, and only equipment that perfectly follow the anatomical movements that are needed for quality training sessions were included in the UniFit’s fitness section palette under our design. Interestingly, some of the names of the fitness equipment manufacturers that are unique in Debrecen are: Nautilius, Star Trac, Stairmaister, Panatta.










Our Center operates under the aegis of the University of Debrecen, keeping in close contact with the University of Debrecen Sports Science Coordination Institute, which gives us the opportunity to participate in several sports science researches and actively support and help the quality service of the students’ and employees’ recreational lifestyle program.

Our genuine and devoted goal is of course to provide the people of the region the possibility to participate in our quality lifestyle programs. With the neighbouring Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle and Therapy Center, we offer a range of programs and services, so our Center is waiting for anyone who wants to move and develop in the field of fitness and recreational sports, as well as to learn about their biological, anatomical and chemical parameters.

Stepping out of the rush of everyday life embrace the pleasures of exercise and experience the physical and mental happiness after sport and enrich your health and fitness. We want to help you achieve these with my qualified colleagues.

Be in perfect harmony with yourself, we are looking forward meeting you!

Balogh Tamás


Professional and operational director


Stadion UniFit Fitness & Gym Center

The purpose of the policy is to regulate the behaviour of the individuals within the territory of Unifit and the basic rules necessary to maintain the state of room, which is necessary in order to carry out the cultural service activity on a high level. The policy also sets out the requirements that are not stated in other rules regarding the safe and proper use of Unifit’s equipment and services.


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