Csenge Papp

Sport and active lifestyle have been being in my life from my childhood. I did modern dance and gimnastics for years. After this period, I jumped in the life of fitness. I was excited and enthusiastic because of the athmosphere of the gym. A well-educated trainer helped me to do my best and learn how to do the exercises properly. My results, feelings and my experience were exceptional about this world.

I made a decision about my future plans:

I also would like to make people to feel the same way that I always do when I work out.

If you want to make a change in your body, your mood and your way of thinking as well, I can help you to find a BETTER YOU in yourself.

I can support you with eating plans, too what leads you to your goals.

You can count on me because I do my best in every field of life as I always did.

If you need an enthusiastic and well-prepared trainer, I am here for you.

You can get in touch with me at the reception of the Unifit Fitness & Gym Centre.

Let’s make something exceptional together!