Our Center has its own wellness area, which is in a separate, relaxed place, facing the changing rooms. This section includes massages, solarium and two types of saunas. If you want a little relaxation or you just simply want a calming massage after a workout, you can contact our massage therapist. You can get a quality and fast tan in our standing solariums in a very short time. In our sauna department there are infra and a Finnish sauna, which gives you a maximum refreshment after a workout. The main feature of the Finnish sauna is that hot stones are placed on the sauna stove, which can be sprayed with water to increase the temperature, so the body can get rid of toxins and it also cleanses the skin poles. If you take a cold shower after a sauna session it is also beneficial for blood circulation.
In the infra-sauna the infrared waves do not heat up the air itself, only the objects in their way are warmed up. It enhances metabolism and helps to burn calories. This also reinforces the immune system.
If you are committed to healthy lifestyle, you can make your everyday healthier with our various wellness services beside sports.