Our fitness part 
In Unifit Fitness and Gym Center, sports enthusiasts can try themselves out on numerous fields. If you are looking for the country’s most colourful gym, where you can find the best and newest machines, visit us! 2600 square meters provides opportunities for sports and most of it is dominated by training machines. Come and explore, test our brand-new equipment, even with the help of a personal trainer.
Our machines are divided into sections, so it gives the opportunity to work on different muscle groups in each section. In our cardio section there are 3 Life Fitness and 7 Star Tech treadmills. Of course, furthermore there are additional cardio machines in our cardio section like bicycles, elliptical trainers, paddles and climbing machines. On the ground floor there is also our shoulder section, our biceps – triceps department, which where you can also find dozens of Hoist and StarTech machines are available to our quests. Among other things the speciality of the gym is that it has a separate Crossfit section which was developed for our quests who like this type of workout.
On the floor, you can find the abs-, chest-, legs, – and buttocks sections placed separately. Here, just like on the ground floor – the newest Hoist, Star Tech, Atlas, Life Fitness machines can be found. The free weight section can also be found on the floor.
Numerous machines in the gym are unique in the country. We strive for diversity, here you can train a muscle group with dozens of different machines. Many of our machines are Double- or multifunctional, they are suitable for more types of workouts.
In the facility, besides the fitness machines, there are separate rooms, these rooms are home to our group classes. The attendants can participate in aerobic, functional training, cardio wise and spinning classes.
Aerobics is one of the most popular group sports activities, but it is no wonder, as it is a fat burning, body shaping exercise, the workouts are done in a very good mood and thus it also affects the soul.
Functional training is beneficial for those who want to exercise their whole body at the same time.
In our spinning classes besides the entertaining of rolling, you get the most effective cardio training.
We are striving to give a full service and we hope that you will find what you are looking for in our gym.
We look forward meeting you!