You did not have time to eat before your workout? Or you want to replenish afterwards? Coffee, cappuccino, and various pre- and post-workout supplements, protein shakes and bars are waiting for you at White Café next to Unifit. We also provide mineral water and soft drinks for refreshment. Our products are supplied by Panhellen, Weider and Pro Nutrition.
Why is it important to consume protein and nutritional supplements for someone who is devoted to training?
The pre-workout shake is worth consuming for better performance, as it boosts the body, gives energy and accelerates metabolism, so you can get the most out of yourself.
Protein shakes are recommended after training or before going to bed as protein is required for muscle mass growth and regeneration. You can find protein powders in various flavours, so after your workout you can choose according to your taste. A slight relaxation can be good for both your body and your soul while you and your friends drink a protein shake here.