The squash court is 9.7 x 6.4 meters, and usually there are two players on it. The goal of the game is to strike the ball to the wall in a way that the opponent cannot do the same properly. That is a point. Use the sidewalls as many times as you want, but the ball can only contact the ground once. A game consists of maximum 5 sets in which 11 points can be collected. According to the rules accepted in Europe all points are valid, the right of the serve is not required to be won by the opponent. Anyone can play squash, regardless of age and gender. Although it was absent from the Olympic program twice, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) accepted it as an Olympic sport. It is a more and more popular sport in Hungary. It gives a fun experience and a great relaxation for everyone, and it also has health preservation and development effects. Everyone can play according to their fitness level, it is worth to choose an opponent with similar skills, so the match will be more enjoyable. With an hour-long game, you can burn four-digit calories, so we are talking about a movement heavy sport.