The most important principle of personal training, which I follow in my work is creating an individual approach to each client in all areas of fitness, whether we talk about anaerobic or aerobic trainings.

My significant sport experience (swimming, wrestling, running), diploma in fitness instructing and personal training course and diploma in law create a good basis for me to find the appropriate way to each of my clients so that they can realize their dreams about their body shape and appearance.

During my personal trainings I provide my clients with the following:
  • personalized training process
  • creating a training program according to the client’s goals and condition
  • using of free weight exercises, body-weight exercises and exercises on machines
  • weight losing trainings or trainings for gaining muscle mass
  • workouts that require great efforts, but are effective and give results
  • providing technically corrects exercises
  • personalized food recommendations
  • trainings in Hungarian, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish languages
  • motivation and success

“Personal trainer – helps you on the way to perfection”