Massage is a mechanical stimulus used for treatment purposes on the body surface, for which the body’s response is physical healing. Massage is partly indirectly, partly directly beneficial to the human body, for example muscles, skin, circulation and nerve system.

As a direct effect of massage, it reduces muscle tension, so muscle flexibility and performance improve, and it also accelerates metabolism.
Massage supports the healthy functioning of the body, which means fixing of incorrect posture from sitting lifestyle and the gradual disappearance of back pain.

The massage expands the capillary veins of the skin to increase the absorption of cellular nutrients and helps remove toxins. Removes dead skin cells to help skin regeneration. Increased blood circulation ensures proper moisture, so your skin will stay taut, elastic and beautiful.

Nowadays, stress causes more and more physical complaints and is the major cause of many diseases. Many people cannot handle stress, but a massage can help with that. It helps in relaxation and stress release.

During a massage
  • Pain is reduced or terminated
  • The posture improves
  • Blood circulation freshens
  • Metabolism of cells is increased
  • Lymphatic circulation increases
  • Blood pressure and pulse are optimized
  • Oxygen supply increases
  • Flexibility and tenderness of the skin increases
  • Nutrient supply of tissues increases
  • Aging processes slow down
  • Muscle power increases
  • Muscle fatigue disappears
  • Strengthens the immune system
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