Hegedüs Attila
Hello I’m Attila Hegeds. A 31 years old personal trainer!

I’m doing fittness and personal training since 8 years. I tried plenty of training and dieting method eversince, witch combined I can do high quality of service for all my athlete guests.

If you want shredded abs or just get rid of the excess weight, or maybe you want to get stronger and build few kg of muscles? I can help you get there whatever is your plan with your physique. With my high quality of practical and theoretical knowledge, moving on with personalized training and diet plan, I guarantee that you achieve your goal. What is the guarantee? I am the guarantee and you, who decided to change your life! Come and reach your fittness goals, with my help, in a crazy motivated environment of high-tech machinery, the market leading Gym of Debrecen, the Unifit! If you ready for your new life… Contact me! Free consultation!

Attila Hegedüs