Bernáth Gábor

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I’m Gábor Bernáth, personal trainer, corrective trainer. During my studies I’ve learnt a lot about the human anatomy, structure of the body, functional movement patterns, circulatory and respiratory system, processes of energy recovery. All of these expressions are only related to the body, but in my work the mental and spiritual aspects are also important to me. I believe that caring of the body affects the other two human components as well. In all cases I have in mind a holistic approach, because nowadays we are facing more and more civilization illnesses and more and more fronts we have to fight our own battles to maintain our individuality.

If you want to move, start a balanced, harmonic lifestyle feel free to contact me. If you have specific goals, whether it is a training program, a diet plan, a health check, rehabilitation exercises I’m at your service. Let’s workout together, not just for the health of your body, but the health of your spirit and mind!