About TRX 



TRX is an extremely effective and varied workout that is recommended for everyone, regardless of gender, age, weight and level of fitness. Its advantage is that is does not put too much pressure on the joints during the workouts because we train with our own body weight and with the gravitational force. During a TRX workout the body muscles are much more involved that in any other sports because the exercises are not done on a fixed motion. With the development of the stabilizing muscles (core muscles) our posture improves significantly without even noticing it. It prepares our body for the challenges of everyday life, as the primary goal is to maximize the muscle mass.


Despite being designed for the American Marines, TRX is a perfect workout for the ordinary people as well, whatever is the goal: fat burning, endurance, – strength increasing, shaping muscles, tightening, TRX provides a solution for everything. In addition, we can create harmonious and proportionate muscles on our body. 🙂

TRX classes can be visited with special prize, which you can see here

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