About hot iron   
Hot Iron is a science-based training.
When it comes to training, the question arises that which is the one that guarantees quick results where our joints are safe are not damaged. It is true that if you lift weights without knowing how to can cause serious damage.
Choose our group Hot Iron training!
Hot Iron from Germany came to us in 2008 with the help of sports psychologists, athletes, bodybuilders, doctors and physiotherapists so that everyone who joins the training can be safe and healthy. The scientific concept was to create an enjoyable, effective weight training in the fitness world. In addition to the fact that a truly well-defined and beautiful body can be achieved by it, it is not negligible that we can achieve a better sense of well-being and self-esteem.
Get ready for training! But how does it work?
The exercises are done with a two-handed dumbbell developed specifically for this purpose, not forgetting the body weight exercises or the weight plate elements. It is the harmony of these that gives the body that we all desire while discovering muscles and we did not even know that existed until now. This is accompanied by the will of the group, the choreographed movement elements and the music that fills not only the body, but the soul.
Hot Iron 1:
Workout with weights, while providing high-performance training. HOT IRON 1 is a strength training, revolving, and motivating group workout with high (50) repetitions with music. From the guests’ point of view, it is the most effective, for safety reasons it is worth to start with HOT IRON 1 and it is best to attend for 8-12 weeks, 2-3 times a week. Since after a while the body gets used to the exercise stimulation (repetition and exercises), it is recommended to move on to HOT IRON 2
Hot Iron 2:
HOT IRON 2 has extended training time, new, more various and complex exercises, more effective stretching, and body fat reduction. This training is between strength-endurance and hypertrophic (muscular) training. There are varied exercises, stimuli and repetition rates. To be able to do more complex exercises you need to know the basic exercises correctly and a basic level of strength is required. That’s why Hot Iron 2 must go through a primer Hot Iron 1 period (8-12 weeks). After an 8 to 12 weeks Hot Iron 2 (if the body adapted to the changed training) it is recommended to switch to the IRON CROSS.
This training is the IRON SYSTEM accelerator bar, which completes the unique efficiency of the HOT IRON training system. With full periodization, participants can achieve their goals: maximum body fat reduction, taut, defined body and increased muscle strength. This athletic workout works with a relatively small repetitions (up to 8-12 reps) than the previous workouts (Hot Iron 1 and 2), causing faster metabolism – a 24- to 48-hour calorie (post) burning. Thanks to the class structure, the advanced HOT IRON participants can experience the new challenges of lower repetition with more weight exercises.
Who do we recommend it to?
To almost anyone. The structure of the class is based on a gradual approach, beside fat burning, consciously working and building every muscle groups. That is why, taking advantage of the benefits of Hot Iron training, everyone can reach what they wanted: a beautiful, well-developed body and self-confidence. Science is not a fairy tale, especially in this case. All the aspects of motion that the participants learn here can be safely executed, and the effect can be measured in centimetres and tautness in just one month.
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