Greetings, or as we say: Osu!



The exercise is under planning, it is currently unavailable!

I am Lorant Berki, bodybuilding- fitness sports trainer, IKO Kyokushin competitor, and blackbelt master since 2019.


I had the oppurtunity to develop my fighting skillset in private training camps held by living legends, such as sensei Lucian Gogonel, sensei Nicolae Stoian and sensei Aleksandr Eremenko. I got my diplom as a sports trainer in 2021, with which I aim to hold dynamic trainings with a pleasant vibe. The background to my work is the Tairyoku Branch, which grants the opportunity to attain higher ranks, to take part in training camps and team building programmes as well as to visit international events and competitions.


My achievements besides the national ones:


Italian Cup (2016) 1. place, Austrian Open (2017) 1. place, Dacia Cup (2017) 1. place, Russian Open (2019) 3. place, All American Open (2019) 1. place, German Open (2019) 1. place, European Championship: 2. place (2017), 3. place (2019)


I’m kindly welcome you for my trainings, if you’d like to be the part of a youthful team and get tired in a good athmosphere.


And remember: It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war!