What is the Martial Art?



I’m looking for the words I could use to describe it, but to be honest, I can’t find them. I trust that practicing martial arts will give to others’ life as much as it gave to mine. I can’t write phrased sentences about martial arts because, in the absence of words, I would mislead others. However, I can say that every moment of practice meant value to me.


The way of martial arts is by no means easy, no one should expect it to be. This is a road that shows us a sincere mirror that serves us.


The answer is for one of the frequently asked question is: we are all eternal beginners, students.


Tuesday 17:00-18:00 Child-Adult Training, 18:00-19:00 Adult Training, Wednesday 19:00-20:00 Adult Training Thursday 17:00-18:00 Child-Adult Training, 18:00-19:00 adult training.


On Tuesday, Thursday, 17-18, children and adults will practice together. In this training, we learn the martial arts principles in a more playful form with a smile on our face.


Tuesday, Thursday 18-19, we are waiting for you with an intensive adult martial arts training. At this point, we put more emphasis on the specific elements of combat with bare hands and weapons. This workout requires greater mental and physical capacity.


On Wednesday, 19-20, the adult training will break down the principles. Then we can really go into the details and expand it. This workout is more peaceful.

az oktatód


Farkas Tamás


I have been working with martial arts, which I learned in close association with medicine, healthy lifestyle, and life philosophy since 2000.


In my training, as well as getting acquainted with the martial arts principles, we are developing our physics and moving towards the goals that are commonly formulated.


In my treatments, I combine several different massage techniques depending on the case, with the addition of lifestyle counseling if requested, so that the healthy state becomes natural in the long run.


I understood that one of the greatest joys is to help. Whether it is a workout or a massage, I am grateful to everyone who puts their trust in me!


My outstanding achievements:


2013 European Traditional Wushu Championship 1. place
2012 The most successful male competitor of the year in Kung-fu sport
2010 World Kung Fu Wushu Championship 1. place
2010 International Seven Star Mantis Competition 1. place /most technically competing/
2007 World Kung Fu Wushu Championship 1. place
2006 World Kung Fu Wushu Championship 1. place
2006 Year’s most successful rewarding male competitor in the Kung-fu sport
2005 World Kung Fu Wushu Championship 1. place
2005 International Chan Wu Traditional Kung Fu & Wushu Championship 1. place
2004 First International Kung-Fu World Cup In Hungary 1. place
2004 World Kung Fu Championship 1. place


My education:


2017 Swede masseur
2016 Kamuna Japan Natural Medicine School
2016 Leadership and Organization MA
2014 Management BA
2012 Kung-fu trainer
2011 Recreational exercise program leader