What is dance aerobic?  
Who would like to lose weight while dancing? Everyone. Dance aerobics group gives the perfect solution, where choreographed jazz, hip-hop and funky music elements will bring you closer to your dream body. We recommend it to anyone who wish to do something that is not monotonous and wants to lose weight. There is always a new choreography in the classroom, so beginners can join in at any time, as the steps are needed to be learned from each other in every lesson.
Besides training the body, it also requires concentration. It takes sixty minutes to learn a choreography. We advance from simpler to more complex choreographies, but worry not, because with repeating them multiple times every step combination can be mastered easily. By focusing on the choreography, we can move away from everything else. We can forget about our daily problems, as music is playing during training, and we must keep up with the pace of the rhythm.
The steps are structured one by one to have a fat burning effect while working and developing all muscle groups. So, it is possible that almost every time the room is filled up with people who wants to dance and train, as they get both here at the same time.
In just one hour, you can burn at least 600 calories, improve your endurance and even recharge your soul. Dance aerobics is a world of exciting and colourful dances, a form of exercise that is very intense for every body part.
Dancing regularly should be enough to have a slim and taut body. With this training, however, all that the dancers achieve with the hard work of long years can be shortened. The movements can be learned quickly, and the training of the muscle groups are done unnoticeable.
To whom we recommend?
To anyone who wants to feel good, who loves to dance, who wants to escape the squirrel wheel of everyday life and for anyone who wants to burn fat and lose weight. Choose us if you want to transform your body under healthy conditions, or if you want to burn more calories without the danger of damaging your joints, heart and vascular system. The basic steps can be learned in one or two dance aerobics class, then only the pleasant and enjoyable relaxation follows what will result in a perfectly developed and healthy body.
your trainer
Sipos Dávid
We’re not hanging our feet, really. I guarantee you will sweat, and there will be a muscle fever where you did not even think that you had muscle. We work every critical body part in every possible way, using tools as well. This way, you will have a beautifully shaped hip, buttocks, thighs and belly that you are proud of in the summer, and you can go to the beach without feeling ashamed, and with your clothes you can also overcome your inhibition.
In Unifit, I give body shaping, dance aerobics, step aerobics and senior gymnastics lessons.
My motto
„Workout because you love your body not hate it”