What is Cardiobox?



The Tae Bo name stem from contractiona the taekwondo and the box world. Blanks has done imaginary the Tae bo since he has done mix martial art experience and dance steps in 1976. The 90s it has become pop culture phenomenon and it get abroad all the word.


The high intensity workout has made for cardiovascular system fit, strength, flexible.


The Tae bo is big benefit that it follow easy. It has simple of attainment from kick,boksz and step.


The construction of the tae bo period: Warm up, workout, abdomen strength and stretching.


The movements are more popular with to lean and to lose weight. It has do tone the muscular. It exquisitely movement the waist, hip, buttocks, thigh, calf. Big energy workout. It is burn 600-800 calorie under one hour. Moreover it is make for cardiovascular system healty, strength fit. It is improve the coordination and swiftness.


The music is good effect the soul, because it hasnt pressure.


Your trainer


Reszegi Anita


Exercise has always played an important role throughout my life. During elementary school I was doing gymnastics. In secondary grammar school I was ballroom dancing and performed in competitions with the Hajdúnánás dancing group. After moving to Debrecen, I acquainted with aerobics and I got captivated by this kind of exercise to the extent that I decided to work professionally with this sport. In 2006, I got an aerobic training qualification at the University of Physical Education in Debrecen, and then in 2009 I became a fitness trainer, now mastering the conditioning and personal training. I have been training in numerous gyms in Debrecen, and I have been actively working for 10 years in this field of work. My son was born in 2011. I exercised a lot during and after my pregnancy, which helped me to preserve my health and shape.
In 2016, Enikő Péntek -who is the creator of this genre- chose me as a Zone trainer and since September 2017 I am Debrecen’s one and only Zone trainer.
For me, regular workout is not just a hobby but a way of life. It helps me to feel healthier and to feel better in my skin, and through coaching I have the opportunity to show others the pleasure, liberating and stress-relieving effects, and the joy of exercise, and by doing so I can help others to reach their desired body.


In UniFit I give Body-Shape, Circular Training and Tea-bo lessons.
Body shaping training is a fully-body 60-minute workout combining fat-burning and strengthening elements with the help of body weight training as well as equipment like dumbbells, fit ball, leg weights. Rubber bands, step pad and softball. We train critical female body parts, especially the abs, waist, thigh and bum.
Circular Training is likewise a full-body training program, in which we train various muscle groups.
Tae-bo is a combination of kick-box and aerobics training which improves endurance while effectively working on the upper body while activating the core muscles, and this exercise is excellent for stress management too.