What is Body Shaping?    
Do you want a tight body and a bombastic shape for the summer? Then Body shaping will provide maximum help with it. We have created a workout plan that is one of the best in the field of body shaping.
These sixty minutes are about exercises that develops our whole body. There are only easy to follow exercises, no complicated choreography that you have to learn. Your muscles will be targeted by strengthening exercises and using different tools. We will increase your heart rate, increasing your body’s performance. In order to reduce or eliminate the fat layer, we do not need to mortify and fast ourselves, but to exercise well. That is what you will get from us in the Body shaping.
All of your muscle groups will be worked out, improving them this way and accelerating your metabolism so that the fat cushions disappear as soon as possible. You can do it! It doesn’t matter how old you are, what the scale shows or when you exercised last, with this workout you can achieve that your muscles will show themselves in the tone that is the most beautiful.
Body Shaping is a hard workout. You are going to sweat, but it will be worth it for the looks and the feel. There will be everything: squats, eruptions, abdominal presses, strengthening the muscles of the upper body. The goal is to have a tight and toned body, and to improve your posture and body awareness. You can look into the summer with a flat belly, tight butt and thighs, if you start the body shaping exercises and finish them. It’s not too late but get started! Believe, that you can only win with it! A nicer, more confident, healthier body.
One class is not enough though, but we can safely say that Body shaping is one of the workouts where change in tone is very fast. So, if you decided to take part, do not look for excuses! In a team, in this group, there is a place for you, and it is for and about you!
To who do we recommend?
Everyone can do it, regardless of age or gender. If you are unsure about how to start exercising or if you find the gym machines and equipment a bit boring and monotonous, your place is here with us! You need nothing but your persistence and a little smile. Don’t forget to bring these with you!
your trainer
Reszegi Anita
xercise has always played an important role throughout my life. During elementary school I was doing gymnastics. In secondary grammar school I was ballroom dancing and performed in competitions with the Hajdúnánás dancing group. After moving to Debrecen, I acquainted with aerobics and I got captivated by this kind of exercise to the extent that I decided to work professionally with this sport. In 2006, I got an aerobic training qualification at the University of Physical Education in Debrecen, and then in 2009 I became a fitness trainer, now mastering the conditioning and personal training. I have been training in numerous gyms in Debrecen, and I have been actively working for 10 years in this field of work. My son was born in 2011. I exercised a lot during and after my pregnancy, which helped me to preserve my health and shape. In 2016, Enikő Péntek -who is the creator of this genre- chose me as a Zone trainer and since September 2017 I am Debrecen’s one and only Zone trainer. For me, regular workout is not just a hobby but a way of life. It helps me to feel healthier and to feel better in my skin, and through coaching I have the opportunity to show others the pleasure, liberating and stress-relieving effects, and the joy of exercise, and by doing so I can help others to reach their desired body.
In UniFit I give Body-Shape, Circular Training and Tea-bo lessons. Body shaping training is a fully-body 60-minute workout combining fat-burning and strengthening elements with the help of body weight training as well as equipment like dumbbells, fit ball, leg weights. Rubber bands, step pad and softball. We train critical female body parts, especially the abs, waist, thigh and bum. Circular Training is likewise a full-body training program, in which we train various muscle groups. Tae-bo is a combination of kick-box and aerobics training which improves endurance while effectively working on the upper body while activating the core muscles, and this exercise is excellent for stress management too.
your trainer
Szilágyi Andrea
Sport, music and dance became a part of my life in my early years. I started playing ballet at age of 4, I went to a ballet school in Debrecen for 8 years, where many ballet classes and performances made regular physical activity a part of my life. I participated in swimming trainings for 6 years, and I competed in several competitions. I’ve been competitively dancing for 3 years, and I’ve been playing violin and guitar, so I have a high level of musical knowledge. I met aerobics in 2002 and I immediately got taken by it because it combines music, sport and dance.
In 2008 I got an aerobic training qualification and I held regular aerobic classes in several fitness rooms.
As a full-time job I work as a bank employee, so I sit a lot which led to continuous back pain. I tried to find a solution for this, and so I fell in love with pilates and in 2009 I also got a Pilates instructor qualification and extended my regular classes with pilates classes.
My first child was born in 2012, and since then I am the mother of three children. I exercised during and after my pregnancy, which helped me to maintain my shape, and pilates also helped with the regeneration and to overcome the difficulties (carrying, folding, back pains, fatigue, etc.) of taking care of babies. With regular exercise I show a good example to my children. Sporty lifestyle has become a part of their life already, and hopefully they will be fit and healthy adults. I would like people to find the joy of exercise with my help, because it is important for everyone. For this I have the right professional knowledge and I am persuaded to be able to use the best techniques in my work. I recommend my body shaping and pilates classes to anyone who want to have a good atmosphere, varied, whole body training sessions, and to those who want to lose weight, gain strength and get in shape without the fear of muscle injury.
your trainer
Sipos Dávid
We’re not hanging our feet, really. I guarantee you will sweat, and there will be a muscle fever where you did not even think that you had muscle. We work every critical body part in every possible way, using tools as well. This way, you will have a beautifully shaped hip, buttocks, thighs and belly that you are proud of in the summer, and you can go to the beach without feeling ashamed, and with your clothes you can also overcome your inhibition.
In Unifit, I give body shaping, dance aerobics, step aerobics and senior gymnastics lessons.
My motto
„Workout because you love your body not hate it”