Kovács Boldizsár
My name is Boldizsár Kovács and I am a Humankinesiologist graduated at the University of Physical Education in Budapest, currently working as a personal trainer.

My career choice came pretty easy for me since I was into sports from a really young age. Now, that i have the right foundations, plus with the personal trainer course finished, I am being able to help and teach other people, my clients.

During my studies I have learnt about rehabilitation, kinematics and anatomy, which allows me to understand this complex structure, called the human body.

My workouts are usually alternate between functional and bodybuilding training style, which are the most comfortable for me. In addition to these I regularly incorporate different posture and correction work.

Depending on Your goals, which might be losing weight, toning or ganing muscle, I will try my best to make you reach them the fastest!

If You would like to work with me feel free to make a call into the reception of the Unifit Fitness Center or try to catch while I am there.

Looking forward working with You!