Suspension Gravity Physio-training (SGPT)


The exercise is under planning, it is currently unavailable!

The main goal of suspension gravity training is to train muscle chains together. During resistance training with your own body weight, your hands or feet are held by a suspension point, while your other limbs are resting on the ground. The intensity of the training is given by the angle of the body with the ground and the size of the support surface, so that hundreds of exercises can be performed with a single tool. During training, we can develop functional strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and stability of the trunk muscles.

For whom is it recommended?

– You may need some help with the use of suspension devices.

– You would improve your stamina, but beware of heavy weights.

– It is important for you to learn about a diverse and innovative form of training and to develop your coordination skills.

– You want to train among cheerful circumstances with a super team.

For whom is it not recommended? 

SGPT is a form of training that can be safely used at any fitness level and for any fitness goal.

However, if you suffer from severe connective tissue laxity and multiple joint impairment, or have suffered a back injury in the past 3 months, according to the principle of gradation, before attending this class, visit one of our physiotherapy trainers for a consultation!