What is step aerobic?  
Step aerobics is a well-known and beloved form of training all over the world. It is one of the most effective ways of strengthening the leg and gluteal muscles. By increasing your endurance, you can get rid of unwanted fat pads and get muscular, taut legs, hips and buttocks instead.
It is very similar to dance aerobic, because it is a dancing type of class, so it is choreographed. Here, however, you learn the exercises by a special step stair. During the class, the instructor builds a choreography, providing an appropriate alternative for each participant. Kifejezetten állóképesség-fejlesztő mozgásforma. The intensity and effectiveness of the training is given by the bench in front of us, we have to move up and down continuously, following the choreography. By doing so, we are training our endurance and coordination, and also our cardiovascular system.
The movements can be learned by anyone, and the music always dictates the pace. By concentrating on the choreography, we can stay away from our daily concerns and thoughts. It is a complete relaxation as we have to follow the rhythm and choreography. There are beginners and advanced groups that you should always finish before advancing to the next level, there is difference between the difficulty level of the steps. If you have never been to step aerobics before, you should choose the beginner level to learn the basics. So, later when you are completely got into it, you will be able to enjoy more complex choreographies.
The purpose of group workout besides to have a pleasant tiredness and training, is to relax and replenish in a different environment. You do not have to do anything else but to visit us. Come and try the benefits of step aerobics! Say goodbye to fat pads and be full of self-esteem! If you regularly join our workouts, the results and changes will show in and outside. The good shape is just a side effect.
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Gyurkó Zsuzsanna