What is spinracing?

The exercise is under planning, it is currently unavailable!

Spinracing , where the bicycle is the most effective equipment for those who are looking to reach their goal to become fit and healthy regardless of age and ability. Spinracing program includes motivation, mental training techniques and the best cycling techniques. We recommend it to everyone who is looking to exercise. The training is done on a bicycle developed for the program. Outsiders might only see that in a workout there are people cycling fiercely in a room. SpinRacing is a group workout with bicycles and music, under the control of qualified instructors; the secret of success is the combination of bicycle and aerobics, it is choreographed with different arm workouts, it is fun, simple, easy for anyone, it is precise intensity control, effective endurance developer, illness prevention with using high calories.
The SpinRacing program can be done by anyone at any fitness level, everyone is enthusiastic in a group, but without any exception they can perform a 50-60-minute-long training session. SpinRacing bicycles are specially-modified with the first wheel being heavy and equipped with a flywheel so it can help cyclers stay in motion.
Physiological effects: – Better heart rate, lower resting pulse, faster pulse response – Flexible vascular system – The blood oxygen absorption capacity increases – Improved cholesterol control – Improved stamina – Relieves stress, treats the symptoms of depression – Self-esteem improves – Improving performance in all areas of life – Weight control, good appearance, charisma
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