What is piloxing? 
A mixture of fiery box, agile pilates, and dynamic dancing elements, resulting in a hardcore, barefoot PILOXING ® training. This form of exercise is an interval-type training with music, where fast sets of punches are followed by deep muscle and various power training, spiced with the grace of dancing. It was designed to burn calories, develop muscle, make you stronger mentally and physically with the help of PILOXING ® gloves, weighing 250 grams each.
This is not a standard aerobic or dance class. This is PILOXING®, which cannot be compared to anything. It helps you to be slim, sexy and energetic.
The slogan of PILOXING:
Your trainer
Katonka-Kovács Anna (Nusi)
I have been actively doing sports since primary school. I competed in apparatus gymnastics and aerobics, and since then I’ve been doing different types of fitness aerobics.
3 years ago, I met this new form of exercise called PILOXING ® for the first time!