What is deepwork?    
So many times, we hear that you should step outside of your comfort zone and show what you are capable of. If you are looking for a way to do that, then you can find it in deepWORK. With its unique technique, muscles are stretched and relaxed simultaneously, so they are constantly working.
A holistic approach to functional training can be performed in groups, without using any equipment. It was developed by Robert Steinbacher, the creator of the bodyART concept. The exercises have been developed to strengthen and stretch, create tension and relaxation, combined with breathing exercises. It is a very complex form of exercise, both endurance, strength developing and stretching exercises can be found.
DeepWork is based on the five elements: wood, metal, earth, fire and water. The five elements represent five sections of the classes, all of which represent other sources of energy. It is not an easy exercise, but that is why it is special. It provides everything you need in a workout: endurance, strength, coordination, relaxation and mental replenishment. You will develop physically and spiritually.
This class is a spiritual journey as well as an intense workout. During warm-up meditational music is playing, and then there is a pretty big change of style. The hard-rhythm music and drums used in the deepWORK, gives strength to the participants, helping you to release emotions and extend your limits.
To whom we recommend?
For anyone who is looking for an effective workout, regardless of their endurance. Regardless of its intensity, we do not have to think that we cannot stand it, because the structure of the classes takes account of the alternation and simplified implementation of intensive cardio sections and exercise. Concentration and relaxation, physical and mental training, body shaping and tension solving. Do you need anything else?
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