Core Training

The exercise is under planning, it is currently unavailable!

The stability of our spine is mostly provided by core muscles, which is the result of the deep abdominal and back muscles working together. We use these muscles less during everyday movements and our sedentary lifestyle contributes greatly to the weakening of these muscles.
In core training, we learn to consciously activate the deeper muscle groups, such as the longitudinal back muscles along the spine (paravertebrals), the oblique abdominal muscles or the group of the pelvic floor muscles. But this class goes far beyond strengthening alone. Emphasis is placed on mobilising the spine, stretching tight muscles, correcting posture and laying down the rules for creating an ergonomic workplace.
Proper strength and cooperation of these muscles are essential for ergonomic posture and pain-free living. The training exercises should therefore be included in the daily routine of all sedentary workers. Furthermore, in body shaping, proper core stability is also the basis of weight training, so regular gym-goers are warmly recommended to familiarise themselves with the basics of core exercises.
If you want to exercise more consciously, protect your spine from the harmful effects of sedentary work or get rid of the pain that comes with it, this class is for you!