What is spinning?   
Spinning is one of the most effective fat burning program, a high-intensity, cycling aerobics class with music. It is one of the training forms that are capable of simultaneously developing the body, soul, stamina and mental abilities.
Its body shaping effect is proven, within an hour we can burn up to 500-700 calories. In a couple of months, you can get very impressive results if you take part in the training sessions twice a week. In group Spinning, everyone is doing exercises, determined by the coach, on a special bicycle designed for this purpose. You can ride on a highway then once you are going up a mountain and later downhill, while listening to rhythmical music, doing various exercises. It is a great type of cardio. Given that you will be riding a bicycle during your workout, first the results will show in your legs, hips and buttocks, while your endurance will also increase. You will become more resistant to various illnesses, be fitter, full of strength and perseverance.
Spinning is not a game
You will sweat, and the following day you will feel muscles that you did not even know existed. That is how your body transforms, that is how you become the person you always wanted to be. Spinning will transform you physically and spiritually. It teaches you to endure, fight and to not give up, you cannot give up! In addition to having taut and developed muscles, you’re doing a lot for your health. During cycling, the circulation improves, the heart becomes stronger and the oxygen supply of the blood becomes more effective. The capacity of your lung and your endurance will improve. Continuous cycling strengthens your joints, tendons unnoticeably, and the fat burning effect is one of the strongest.
To whom we recommend?
For those who like to ride bicycles, who are looking for a new challenge, a new form of exercise, who love good music, who are not afraid of the challenges and they are willing to do for their dreams. If any of the above is you, do not hesitate! Try it! We will provide the necessary tools to reach your dreams, the rest is up to you!
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