Juhász Dániel
It would be difficult for anyone to say, but I have a very thin skeleton and a body, so I used to be very skinny in the past. Also, I was sitting in front of the computer (right now too because I have an IT qualification) so I had to find a sport I’d like to do with my not too active daily routine. So, it was about 7 years ago that I met bodybuilding and I was fascinated by what the human body can do.

I started going to the gym and working out, but I had only superficial knowledge, so I did plenty of the exercises on a basic level like I saw, or I was told. As a beginner, there were no problems, the results came, I packed up muscle, but over time it got harder as I had to overcame obstacles, and with my knowledge at that time I could get over those obstacles very slowly. It was possible as a result of a long-term learning process, which is a good feeling and it was self-directed, but it was also painful to think back. Why? It took years!

I’d like to help with that. I want to use my knowledge of sports acquired over the years to help others to avoid unnecessary obstacles and to guide them to reach their goals with the most effective way. Whether it is muscle building or body fat reduction, we can find the way that in the end we will not only see the results in the mirror, but we can get experience that can be used in other aspects of life.