Farkas Tamás

I have been working with martial arts, which I learned in close association with medicine, healthy lifestyle, and life philosophy since 2000.


Hello! I’m Tamás Farkas, I have been practicing martial arts since 2000 and I started to work as a trainer in 2011. I’ve spent 13 years as an active contestant, earning multiple Kung Fu World and European Championship titles. Competitions gave me a good opportunity to measure my streangth and the effectiveness of my training methods.

I studied martial arts in combination with medicine and the Eastern life philosophy, thus forming a kind of holistic approach, where our environment, lifestyle, feelings and thoughts are forming an inseparable whole.


If you want to improve your fitness through a variety of workouts, quality exercise or you are doing other kind of sports for which you would like to find an effective complementary training technique to reach your peak performance, or if you are struggling with health problems, you can find me and I’ll help with high efficiency thanks to my coaching / fighting experiences and health education.


Practicing martial arts is a journey in which we can face ourselves. I am more than happy to see all my fellow travelers, whether you want to join my group trainings or you would like to have a pesonal session where you can evolve in martial arts or fitness. Currently, trainings in English are only available in personal and small group sessions.