Czékmási Csaba


My name is Csaba Czékmási, I’m a bodybuilding and fitness trainer, and I’m here to help you achieve your fitness goals!

At first sight a GYM might even look scary to some. There are those alien looking machines, the dozens of weights, dumbbells, barbells and of course the people who already reached different levels on their fintess journeys. However there’s no reason to be afraid, each and every one of them have started somewhere and they have used the exact same equipment. Much like in cooking, having the same ingredients and tools as Gordon Ramsay does not guarantee the same results automatically. Without the knowledge on how to properly use the GYM for maximum effectiveness, reaching your goal will not only be slower, but injuries might hinder your progress as well.

As a trainer, I have years of experience in the proper execution of excercises. Also, during my studies I’ve learned the latest scientfically proven methods of strength training, training for size and for fat loss.

If you prefer to train according to a personalised program and professional support instead of relying on urban legends and „bro science” then please don’t hesitate to contact me!