What is spine-excercise?   
Our spine is continually burdened day by day: we are sitting or standing a lot, do strenuous work or the opposite, we do not have time for regular exercise or sports. Because of the one-sided pressure the vertebrae moves out of its natural position. There will be protrusion in the gelatinous substance between the discs resulting in bulging or slipped disc. In this case the goal is to eliminate or retract the protrusion.
As a result of the lesions, the spine loses its stability, which is a straight path to back pain as the spinal muscles are constantly trying to balance and stabilize the spine. As a result, the muscles get torn and it will be painful to move.
Bulging or slipped discs can develop anywhere on the spine, but in most cases, it occurs near the lumbar and neck phases of the spine. Relieving pressure on the backbone can help eliminate protrusion.
Your trainer
Rácz Henrietta
I am Henrietta Rácz, personal trainer and physiotherapist. In the summer of 2016. In the summer of 2016 I successfully completed the physiotherapy course at the University of Debrecen and at the same time the bodybuilding fitness training OKJ. I have been actively working in both fields since the academic years and since I got the certificates, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge so that I can help you in a professional way!
If you feel you want to start a new era and you need support and help from a person who is not only looking for aesthetic but also the functioning of your body and to develop your inner motivation, then work with me.
What can I offer?
– If you want to have a complex workout, you want to compete with yourself, push your limits, and feel like that you don’t have enough strength to go home after the workout then we will take advantage of the opportunities offered by CrossFit. With your own body weight and using various tools (kettlebells, trx, free weights, medical balls, etc.) you can be a part of a very exciting workout. This way you can effectively increase your strength, endurance and coordination, and last but not least, you can get a very decorative look.
– If you are a fan of traditional bodybuilding, then we will make the right workout plan to bulk up your muscles and then cut, and finally keep you in shape with the right lifestyle.
– If you have suffered from locomotor disorder, surgery, trauma, etc., and then you do not know how to start and return safely to the training world, contact me. With different exercises and techniques, we aim not only on the condition of the injured area, but also on improving your well-being, because the correct position of the spine and the pelvic is the basis for the healthy functioning of the other joints and muscles. All this can be supplemented by bonding a kinesiological patch that can make our work more effective, for example, by reducing pain, increasing stability, loosening the muscles, and so on.
– With my help you can learn how to diet, what you should eat before and after workout, what kind of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements are needed in order to improve your performance, gain muscle or even to lower your body fat.
Remember, whatever your goal is, the physiotherapist’s view will always be with you, so your posture and your mobility will be improved without you noticing it.